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Auto Accident Leads


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On Point Legal Leads generates premium quality auto accident and car accident leads for attorneys.

These types of personal injury leads can be delivered by email or live transfer, and include trucking and motorcycle accident leads as well

Significantly, this lead type ranks as our most popular service for attorneys.

Prospective claimants have been screened to meet the following criteria:

  • Received a personal injury in an auto accident, truck accident, or motorcycle accident;
  • The accident-injury occurred within the statutory limitations period;
  • Are seeking legal assistance from an attorney;
  • Have not hired an attorney;
  • Are not at-fault.

Got questions about our traditional web form car accident leads?  Find your answers here.

Got more questions about our popular live transfer auto accident leads?  Check out this page.

Testimonials: What Clients Say About Our Auto Accident Attorney Leads

Robert you’re ON FIRE! This one is good . . . Whatever you are doing is working. Thanks.

Yes, we appreciate your service! Things are working out great, we look forward to more leads soon!

Thank you Robert. The leads are working out very well. Yes I would like to do a re-order…

I spoke to [a colleague] about the great experience we have had with dealing with you and your company so far. Thanks again for your assistance in getting our lead program started!

Top 7 Commonly Asked Questions

Good question. Prospective claimants are driven to landing pages typically from search engines. Visitors input their biological data and status of fault, date of incident, status of legal representation, and insurance.
Once they click the “submit” button, which is above the terms of service and disclaimer information, their information is sent to you within a fraction of a second.

We can also provide live transfer calls.

You may track and manage your leads through our lead distribution and automated marketing portal.

A live transfer lead occurs when a prospective claimant is transferred to your law firm via the phone.
We have three live transfer programs:

  • Agent screened live transfers with buffer
  • Agent screened live transfers without buffer
  • IVR screened live transfers with buffer

Below this section is more detail on these car accident lead generation types.

Absolutely!  Our business model is successful because we do not share leads.  This means you are not competing with other law firms the moment the prospective claimant submits their information.

We cannot guarantee the prospect has not submitted their data to another attorney, however.  Often, a person will submit their data to a law firm’s website and not receive a response. Subsequently, they may submit other forms with the intent of getting a quicker response.

Hence, although auto accident injury leads are exclusive, we encourage attorneys respond to all leads within 5 minutes or less.

You bet.  Naturally, live transfer calls occur on a real-time basis.

As for auto accident leads submitted through landing pages, those get posted immediately to our lead distribution platform, which is when you will be sent a notification via email and/or SMS text message.

We deliver prospective claimant inquiries within a fraction of a second.
The data from car accident leads will be sent to your inbox via email and/or cell phone via SMS text message.

Significantly, we display the timeliness of opening these notifications. This assists in tracking response times so your staff may manage and improve contact and retention rates.

First, our agreements are based upon quantity.  We do not have term-length agreements that require monthly or annual commitments.

Second, we have qualifications that greatly help ensure quality of leads. For example, standard valid auto accident leads require the prospect suffer a physical injury from a motor vehicle accident within the statute of limitations and not have hired an attorney.

Great question.  Automated marketing is becoming a must in the lead generation business.

If you intend on competing with other law firms, then you will want to take advantage of our proprietary automated marketing portal.

Here’s how it works:

#1:  Our portal sends an automated and customized email message from your firm to the prospective claimant immediately after they click the Submit button on the landing page. These are professional emails branded with your firm’s logo, contact info, images, awards, map, and links from your firm.

#2: we send an automated custom text message from your firm as well that also includes your link and phone number.  Studies have sown 95% of texts will be read within 3 minutes of being sent, with the average response time for a text being only 90 seconds.

#3: we initiate an automated email drip campaign by sending 4 more follow up emails from our built-in email marketing software.  This streamlines your intake process and relieves some burden from your staff.

For any other questions, please contact us or visit our Auto Accident Leads FAQs page.

What are the Qualifications for Valid Auto Accident Leads?

Prospective claimants who submit information on our auto accident lead generation campaigns require the following:

First Name: Required
Last Name: Required
Address- city, state, zip: Required
Email address: Required
Phone Number: Required
IP Address: Required
Type of Injury: Automobile, Motorcycle, or Trucking: Required
Professional Medical Treatment: Must be Yes
At fault? Must be No
Retained lawyer? Must be No
Year of injury: Required to be within statute of limitations

Some forms request information regarding the amount of damage to the vehicle and whether the liable party has insurance.

Leads may be credited for a replacement for the following reasons:

  • Claimant was At Fault
  • Claimant had No Injury
  • Claimant has Hired an Attorney
  • Year of injury Outside Statute
  • Outside targeted geographic area
  • A Test or system generated lead
  • A Duplicate of a lead previously delivered by us
  • Did Not Submit/Never Applied
  • Bad info (Mickey Mouse, disconnected phone and email undeliverable)
All landing pages and web forms are 100% TCPA compliant and exclusive, meaning we do not sell the same one to multiple buyers. Most law firms request delivery 24/7 to capture more leads. Yet, we can customize days and hours at your request. Delivery methods typically are sent via email (most popular), SMS/text, post, or repost.

Agent Screened Live Transfer Car Accident Personal Injury Leads with Buffer

live transfer auto accident and car accident injury leads

This campaign transfers qualified prospective claimants who are seeking an attorney following an injury suffered in a car accident. These claimants have been qualified for the following:

  • Suffered an injury from a motor vehicle accident,
  • Within the limitations period
  • Have not hired an attorney
  • Are not at-fault

These calls have a 2-minute buffer, meaning the law firm has 120-seconds to verify the caller meets the criteria to take their case.

There will be a “warm transfer” where the agent introduces him/herself and the prospective claimant.

The buffer time should be adequate because an agent has verified relevant and pertinent information.

Agent Screened Live Transfer Auto Accident Personal Injury Leads Without Buffer

live transfer auto accident personal injury leads without buffer

This campaign transfers qualified prospective claimants who are seeking an attorney following an injury suffered in an auto accident.

These claimants have been qualified for the following:

  • Suffered an injury from an auto or car accident
  • Within the limitations period
  • Have not hired an attorney
  • Are not at-fault

These calls do not have a buffer.

There will be a “warm transfer” where the agent introduces him/herself and the prospective claimant.

IVR Screened Live Transfer Automobile Accident Personal Injury Leads

IVR transfer automobile accident personal injury leads

This campaign transfers qualified callers who have been in an auto accident and either suffered a minor injury OR a severe physical injury (broken bones/hospital) as a result.

Below is part of the script the prospective claimant hears prior to being transferred to your law firm.

If you or a loved one sustained major injuries where bones were broken, please press 1.

If minor injuries or a hospital visit occurred with NO broken bones, please press 2.

Significantly, earlier steps in the IVR ask to ensure that the caller has met the following criteria:

  • received an injury from an automobile vehicle accident
  • seeking a personal injury lawyer
  • not currently have represented

The important aspect that distinguishes calls is that law firms may choose to receive auto accident leads from prospective claimants who have experienced a “major” accident injuries that are more serious compared to “minor” accident injuries where only soft tissue damage occurred.

Truck Accident Leads

There are several reasons accident injury attorneys pursue truck accident leads when engaging in personal injury marketing.

  • Harm to the victim can be far more serious, which equates to larger injury awards. When the truck driver is at fault, a larger settlement is possible.
  • Trucking companies typically have higher coverage due to the type of insurance required by commercial drivers. Additionally, there may be multiple defendants based upon the incident, which allows for more settlement opportunities.
  • Commercial drivers have a higher standard to maintain. For example, truckers have to abide by federal and state laws that place restrictions on maximum number of hours truckers may drive. Exceeding the limitations can result in liability.
  • Unlike accidents between automobiles, serious tractor trailer accidents often effectuate formal federal and state investigations. The information gathered should be available to civil plaintiff’s injury attorneys. This saves time and money, and can provide favorable evidence to assist with settlement.

If your law firm is interested in legal lead generation for attorneys, especially motor vehicle accident leads, please contact us today.

Interested In Personal Injury Leads?

Motorcycle Accident Leads

Motorcycle accident leads for attorneys are different from auto accident leads because they can generate more injuries and corresponding settlements and awards.

However, attorneys have to be aware of the different legal issues surrounding fault and negligence for these claim types.

For example, when a motorcyclist gets injured as a result of bad road conditions, like a pot hole. There may be a viable negligence case; however, the defendant could be a municipality rather than an individual.

Further, a motorcyclist may be required by law to wear protective gear and a helmet when riding. Although the helmet issue may not preclude recovery in all cases, states with comparative negligence laws could have a bigger hill to climb.

All but two states do not have helmet laws: Iowa and Illinois. The reason is the significant reduction in head trauma from motorcycle accidents. Check out each state’s helmet laws to determine whether wearing a helmet is dispositive in the outcome of your client’s case.

Nonetheless, legislators need only look at the overwhelming corroboration that motorcycle helmets have a significant impact on the reduction of head injuries. According to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, for every one hundred motorcyclists who died in a fatal motorcycle accident when not wearing a helmet, thirty-seven would have survived had they been wearing a helmet.

Why Attorneys Pursue Motor Vehicle Accident Leads

Motor vehicle accidents can cause severe injuries that impact victims and their families.

And, the United States hosts some of the busiest road ways in the world with almost 218 million registered drivers and almost 264 million motor vehicles.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), there were 34,436 car wrecks in 2016 that were fatal to 37,461 people. That’s a staggering 102 per day.

You may have heard reports that fatal accidents compared to the U.S. population declined over most of the past twenty years, that trend reversed in 2015 and ticked upwards during 2016.

Although these incidents are unfortunate, motor vehicle accident leads can provide predictability for your law firm’s business. And attorneys are positioned to demonstrate their legal services are worth it when referencing the Insurance Research Council:

  • Settlements for accident injury victims were 40% higher with attorney representation than without it.
  • 85% of all money paid out by insurance companies for bodily injury claims to clients who hired an attorney.
  • Cases represented by an attorney often result in 2 to 3 times higher settlement than when individuals do not hire an attorney.
image of motor vehicle accident leads

As you can see, there is a viable market for personal injury attorneys to pursue cases from motor vehicle accident leads. Significantly, car accident victims can refer to the statistics showing the value law firms bring to them.

If you are interested in premium quality motor vehicle accident leads, we can help.

Our Personal Injury Motor Vehicle Accident Leads Can Improve Your Law Firm’s Case Load

Did you know that…

To help your firm retain more clients, we now offer three Remarketing competitive advantages!

  1. We immediately send an automated custom text message from your law firm to the prospective claimant.
  2. We also send a personalized and professionally designed custom email response from your firm.
  3. We send an email drip campaign, which is a built-in email marketing program that sends follow-up emails to the prospect.
  4. Our portal tracks notification opens, which is the time it takes intake staff to open leads once delivered.

Our auto-response and email marketing campaigns are proprietary and can generate measurably higher contact rates that translate into more retained clients.

Sources For Personal Injury Auto Accident Injury Leads for Attorneys

The primary source of inquiries for auto accident injury leads of victims seeking representation is the internet. Those inquiries from landing pages delivered via email are commonly referred to as web form filled submission leads.

Unlike mass tort lead generation, which has witnessed lots of success from broadcast media platforms, auto accident leads are more state and city focused. And, motor vehicle accident injury leads are not “here today gone tomorrow.” Rather, as long as there are roads and drivers with cars, there will be car wrecks and insurance companies.

Further, mass torts is a nationwide issue in which victims may get representation from attorneys from outside their state. Typically, there is a natural desire that accident victims have to connect with a professional within their geographic region. Not to mention, auto accidents claims are state-based rather than federal-based, so nationwide marketing campaigns don’t have the same message.

Thus, attorneys seeking leads from car wreck accidents have the most success from those generated within their city and state.

Contact us today to see how we can help increase your intake.

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