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Auto Accident Leads & Car Accident Leads FAQ’s

In order to answer some of the most popular questions from attorneys regarding automobile accident leads and car accident leads, we’ve listed common FAQ’s.

Q: What are the basics about your auto accident lead generation service?
Leads of claimants are originated from online platforms and television broadcast media. Each lead is filtered to have specific information that is pertinent to a motor vehicle accident claim. Standard personal data such as name, city/state/zip, phone number and email address. Significantly, the phone number must be accurate. This is followed by the year of the injury (in order to prevent statute of limitations issues), what type of accident and injury incurred (must be an automobile, motorcycle, or truck accident injury), and if the claimant-victim has hired an attorney for legal representation. Our attorney leads are not shared with other firms, and are not reprocessed or recycled, not based upon surveys, and not based upon an incentive-based marketing campaign.

Regarding auto accident claims from the internet, these are generated from paid advertising mediums, including pay-per-click impressions.  All case leads are forwarded to the attorney’s designated email address or addresses contemporaneously with the user’s submission.  Thus, within a fraction of a second the data submitted is expected to be delivered.

For attorneys that have an outsourced intake center or in-house setup, we have television commercials broadcast within the area that the law firm practices.  Here, one of our generic, production-ready commercials is broadcast during regular business hours.  A toll-free number is pointed to the firm’s assigned intake phone number.  There is no buffer period, which is a barrier some pay-per-qualified-call programs require.

Lead fulfillment typically takes 30 days.

Q:  Do you provide samples of auto accident leads?
Yes, we are able to provide samples of auto accident leads.

As you can see, the qualifications include the claimant’s general information as well as confirmation of the standard filters as mentioned above. Qualified leads require a valid phone number, an email address, one of three types of motor vehicle accidents (motorcycle wreck, car wreck, or tractor trailer/truck wreck), a physical injury, and a negative response regarding having obtained attorney representation. We can create specialized filters as well, although there may be an additional charge.

Please see the sample lead below for reference:

Name: John Doe
Phone: 555-555-5555
City/State/Zip Code: Dallas, TX 75252
What type of accident injury occurred? Must be: Motorcycle Accident/ Automobile Accident / Trucking Accident
Have you hired an attorney? Must be “No”
When did injury occur: Must be within statute of limitations (generally, 2-3 years)
Was claimant hospitalized? Answer may be “Yes” or “No”
Description of accident and injury: Here, claimant may add additional information about incident.

Q:  What are the filters/fields for my car accident leads?
As mentioned above, we require the following:

  • First Name and Last Name
  • City, State, and Zip Code
  • Valid phone number
  • Best email address to be reached
  • Motor Vehicle Accident Injury Type: Auto, Truck, or Motorcycle
  • Year or specific date of accident injury
  • Whether claimant was hospitalized
  • Whether claimant has hired an attorney
  • Additional details

Leads that do not fulfill these filters are considered to be unqualified.

Q:  What are the general contract terms?
Our agreements are based upon quantity, and the objective is to fulfill all orders within 30 days.  Generally, our quotes are based upon fulfilling leads within that time frame.  Thus, there is no automatic billing at the outset; however, many firms prefer to have automatic invoicing in order to prevent any delay in lead flow, which we can provide upon request.

In addition, we honor an exchange-for-credit return policy for unqualified leads, which are those that have inaccurate contact information, spam, did not request legal services, and other factors that may vary depending upon the lead type (for example, not having an injury for a personal injury related lead).

Q:  What is the minimum number of automobile accident injury leads per order?
The minimum is 10 per order for web submissions. We strive to fulfill the number of leads that you order within 30 days. So, if you order 10 leads then you are expected to receive those within 30 days.  Same if you order 20 in that we strive to generate 20 leads within a month from the start date.  Like all legal marketing firms in this field, we have experienced fluctuations on a state-by-state basis.  In those instances, we have increased our resources and feeds from different online platforms to accommodate.  Our goal is to provide high quality leads based upon the above average filters required, and that aspect can have a restrictive effect. In fact, the number of qualified leads any firm can generate per week is inherently limited.  Significantly, we also partner with other firms to assist with order fulfillment.

For television media, the minimum is 25.  This is a pay-per-qualified-call method, so the purchasing attorney is responsible for qualified leads only.

Q:  Do you offer live-transfer or live-call motor vehicle accident leads?
Yes, we have three live-call programs and each is based upon a pay-per-qualified-call platform.

A live transfer is when a prospective injured client is transferred by phone to your office.  The individual is contacted after submitting a landing page regarding hiring legal representation for a personal injury.  Please contact us for details on these call center based case leads.

We also provide turnkey, production-ready television commercials. Pricing is based upon a fixed amount for each qualified claimant who contacts the firm, there is no buffer period, and ads are aired during business hours. These have been tested and proven to be very effective and popular, especially on the east coast where law firms tend to be more progressive.

As a side note, we have found that firms that have experience with television advertising appreciate the quality of cases generated from our online platforms, and use those to complement their current marketing sources. We should note that firms with online experience also add television to their sales stream.

Q: What is a live transfer lead?
A live transfer is when a prospective injured client is transferred by phone to your office.  The individual either calls in or is contacted after completing an online form regarding a personal injury.  All motor vehicle accident leads are separated, as there is specific marketing geared towards capturing those claim types.

Regarding verification, the prospect is asked specific questions, such as:

First and Last name
Contact Information (phone, email, physical address)
Type of Injury
Have you hired legal representation?
What type of motor vehicle accident injury did you incur?
What was the year or date of the accident?
Was the claimant of passenger hospitalized?

This screening process is not 100% effective, thus it is standard to allow exchanges.  Live Transfers typically have less exchanges because of the verbal screening process that acts as a better filter than a web submission.

Q: How do you know it is a valid motor vehicle accident lead?
Regarding validity of the lead, the claimant is required to provide answers to inquiries pursuant to the filters. Generally, those include the following:

Contact information (phone, email, physical address)
Type of Injury (if personal injury related/auto accident related)
Not hired legal representation

Although we do not filter for “at-fault” issues, if the claimant is at-fault then the lead is not considered qualified and can be exchanged for a replacement lead.

Notably, the filtering is not always accurate. It should be expected that some claimants will provide inaccurate data that disqualifies them. We request that all leads that are determined to be inaccurate after the attorney follows up be forwarded to our designated email address with details. Credits for replacements leads require alerting us within 5 days following receipt of the lead.

Q: Are attorney car accident leads exclusive?
Yes, we provide exclusive leads only and our injury leads are never shared, unlike other attorney lead generation platforms. Although we highly recommend contacting claimants as quickly as possible. Please understand that the standard recommended follow-up reply is 5 minutes for any industry, and that remains for the legal arena. Significantly, we suggest contacting case leads as soon as possible, and also recommend utilizing an email autoresponder service.

All companies utilizing a website to communicate with prospective clients should consider companies such as Campaigner who can provide third-party integrations and application program interfaces (APIs) that allow you to simultaneously respond to attorney leads.

Q: Do you offer geographic exclusivity?
The only geographic type of exclusivity we may provide is for our attorney seo and website optimization campaigns. These are high-impact search engine optimization programs geared at increasing website page position rankings. The reason is we cannot represent multiple law firms competing in closely geo-targeted keywords, as properly serving multiple firms here would require many of the same services, similar customization, and eventually one firm would succeed at the expense of another.
Q: Are your legal leads delivered real-time?
Yes, we deliver leads simultaneously, or within milliseconds after the claimant-accident-victim has submitted their information. Moreover, we do not “cherry-pick,” hold back, or otherwise favor certain law firms. Lead distribution includes automatic distribution or forwarding case lead submissions to attorney email addresses. Hence, leads are sent to specified email addresses pursuant to the practice area and geographic region.
Q: Do you filter auto accident leads for quality?
Yes, we certainly do. On Point Legal Leads sends the highest quality leads, and that effort begins with the advertisement. We don’t include terms such as “survey” or “free reward” or “pro bono” or any other terms that would suggest there is no cost. Although it is commonplace for personal injury claims to be handled on a contingency basis, those terms tend to generate less optimal leads. Plus, we have a credit-exchange system that allows clients to return an unqualified lead for a new lead. Leads become unqualified if they have VERIFIED wrong number, wrong legal category, wrong lead type, etc. Further, we can often provide live transfer calls to your office that immediately connect the prospect to your law firm. It doesn’t get any better than On Point Legal Leads!
Q: How do you generate your legal leads?
We generate our own leads as well as partner with firms that we have established relationships. Further, we work with qualified and experienced publishers and advertisers who have generated thousands of leads within the legal field, as well as finance, travel, mortgage, and other industries. The platforms are typically online (landing pages) and television/radio (commercials). We do not participate in co-registration, survey-driven lead generation methods, or other type of non-targeted means to generate legal leads.
Q: Do 3rd party legal leads comply with attorney ethics guidelines?
Very good question. Lead generation methods have existed for years, and firms that have engaged in legal lead generation have opened the doors by dealing with many of the initial challenges. We comply with various state rules on attorney advertisements, and do not offer a referral program with geographic exclusivity, pay for performance, or recommend certain attorneys to prospects seeking legal advice. Our legal and ethical method is considered a “group model” that provides connections to those seeking representation within the entire group in a random-type manner. We comply with ABA model Rule 7.1 by not being misleading; we comply with ABA Model Rule 7.2 by not recommending or endorsing any specific lawyer. We do not split fees with attorneys for the leads we provide on a pay-per-lead only basis. Please see our Bar Compliance section in our About Us page.
Q: How are legal leads delivered?
Web submission leads are sent to your inbox.  Leads generated from broadcast media involve calls being pointed to the number you have assigned, which likely is the main phone number for your law firm.
Q: When will I start receiving my auto accident leads?
Leads typically arrive within 3 days after funds have cleared. After receiving all of your information, such as lead type, where and how to send the leads, and any other custom filters, we will setup your account. Although leads may start arriving within 72 hours, you should expect about 1 week before leads begin arriving.
Q: Can I exchange bad car accident leads?
Yes, we have an exchange-credit program that allows leads to be exchanged for a replacement lead when deemed unqualified. A lead is unqualified and may be exchanged for the following reasons:

• Disconnected or wrong phone number (please provide the error message).
• Client hired representation (please provide when).
• Not within scope of geographic region purchased (please list location of lead).
• Inaccurate legal practice area (please list this lead’s practice area).
• Denies seeking legal representation (be specific)
• Claimant-driver was at-fault
• Other (please provide specific reasons for credit-exchange request).

All leads are sold “as is” and cannot be resold. To request a replacement lead, please notify us and allow 48 hours to verify the problems with the lead. You MUST notify us within 5 consecutive 24-hour periods upon delivery of lead. Live transfer leads must be verified within the buffer time frame.


Q:  Can I purchase legal leads within specific practice areas?
Of course!  You can choose just one practice area, or multiple ones.  And, if you don’t see what you are looking for, we can customize the filters/fields.  We are here to help increase your intake of legal prospects that meet your specific area of practice.



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