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Live Transfer Auto Accident Leads FAQs


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Live Transfer Auto Accident Leads & Car Accident Leads FAQ’s

In order to answer some of the most popular questions from attorneys regarding live transfer automobile accident leads and car accident leads, we’ve listed common FAQ’s.

Q: What are the basics about your live call accident leads?
Prequalified calls from claimants, each who are screened for validity of certain criteria, most commonly originate from Google, Yahoo!, and Bing. We also have campaigns that integrate television and radio commercials.Our most popular packages are live transfers of prospective claimants who are prequalified from either an interactive voice response system (“IVR”) or a live agent.

Each lead is filtered to have specific responses pertinent to a motor vehicle accident claim. Standard biographical data obtained from live agents screening calls typically includes claimant’s name, city/state/zip code, phone number and email address.

Further, an agent may pursue the year of the accident-injury (in order to prevent statute of limitations issues), the type of accident and injury incurred (must be a car, tractor trailer, or motorcycle injury), and if the claimant-victim has hired an attorney for legal representation. They may also obtain data related to fault status.

Q: Do you provide samples of prequalified live call accident injury leads?
At this time, all samples live transfer and live call accident injury leads have confidential information.Please see the sample lead below for reference regarding the type of data some live agents are able to confirm prior to transferring the caller:

Name: Kevin Sample
Phone: 987-987-9871
Email: example@yahoo.com
City/State/Zip Code: Houston, TX 78574
What type of accident injury occurred? Must be: Motorcycle Accident/ Automobile Accident / Trucking Accident
Have you hired an attorney? Must be “No”
When did injury occur: Must be within statute of limitations (generally, 2-3 years)
Was claimant hospitalized? Answer may be “Yes” or “No”
Comments: This section allows the prospective claimant to input any comments.

Q: What are the qualifications for live call transfer and IVR car accident leads?
As mentioned above, we require the following:

  • First Name and Last Name
  • City, State, and Zip Code
  • Valid phone number
  • Best email address to be reached
  • Motor Vehicle Accident Injury Type: Auto, Truck, or Motorcycle
  • Year or specific date of accident injury
  • Whether claimant was hospitalized
  • Whether claimant has hired an attorney
  • Additional details
Q: What are the general contract terms?
We prefer agreements that we fully believe we can fulfill.For our click-to-call IVR transfer accident inquiries, we ask for a commitment of ten (10) calls. These will be qualified for the following:

  1. Suffered a personal injury
  2. The injury was due to a motor vehicle accident
  3. Whether the accident was minor and did not include broken bones or severe injury, or whether it was severe (a.k.a., “major”) and the claimant suffered broken bones, head trauma, severe lacerations, and/or other serious debilitating physical harm.
  4. The potential client has not hired representation

For live call transfers qualified by an agent, we ask for a deposit, then we bill for each screened accident claimant for the following:

  1. Suffered a personal injury
  2. The injury was due to an auto, motorcycle, or trucking/tractor trailer accident
  3. When the accident injury occurred
  4. The potential client has not hired representation

As for television driven live agent transfer calls, we request a minimum order of 10. These calls have a much higher closing rate, and are screened to have the following qualifications:

  1. Suffered a personal injury
  2. The injury was due to an auto, motorcycle, or trucking/tractor trailer accident
  3. When the accident injury occurred
  4. The potential client has not hired representation

Similar to our web form filled agreements, our live call leads and corresponding agreements are based upon quantity, and the objective is to fulfill all orders within 30 days. For IVR transfer car accident leads, there is no automatic billing at the outset; however, many firms prefer to have automatic invoicing in order to prevent any delay in lead flow, which we can provide upon request.

Q: What is the minimum number of live call transfer auto accident injury leads per order?
The minimum order for calls transferred from our IVR technology and are driven from digital advertising is 10. We strive to fulfill your request within one month. Thus, if you purchase 10 live call leads then you are expected to receive those within 30 days. Same if you order 20 in that we strive to generate 20 leads within a month from the start date.The minimum order for calls transferred from live agents and are driven from online advertising platforms also is 10.

For television media, the minimum is 10. This is a pay-per-qualified-call method, so the purchasing attorney is responsible for qualified leads only.

Like all legal marketing firms in this field, we have experienced fluctuations on a state-by-state basis. Our goal is to provide high quality case inquiries based upon the filters mentioned in questions above, and that aspect can have a restrictive effect. Specifically, the number of qualified leads any firm can generate per week is inherently limited. Significantly, we also partner with other firms to assist with order fulfillment.

Q: Do you offer web form fill motor vehicle accident leads?
Yes, we certainly do offer email notifications of prospectiveLead generation is not easy, but we’ve been at it for many years in multiple markets.

Here are some bullet points about our auto accident with injury leads:

  • All of our web form leads are 100% TCPA compliant.
  • All or our leads are exclusive, meaning we do not sell the same lead to multiple buyers.
  • A duplicate lead within 30 days is returnable, no questions asked.
  • We can generate leads 24/7, or we can “day part” if at an attorney’s request.
  • We can deliver leads to your email, phone, or CRM.
  • We have a quick-response customer service philosophy, so your emails and calls are returned quickly, even in evenings and weekends (may be slight delay if after 6pm or weekend).

Additionally, our auto accident with injury leads are submitted to your firm virtually instantaneously. Once a claimant clicks the submission button on the web form, the lead is sent to your designated email address, phone, or posted to your CRM. Hence, no delays, no stale leads, and no missed opportunities.

We generate premium quality leads by placing ads on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo! to attract claimants who are actively searching for a personal injury attorney.

These ad types are widely considered to be the highest quality lead source, as users typically are at the last stage of their purchasing cycle.

If your law firm is interested in exclusive, real-time, search-based leads within your state or city, we can help.

As a side note, we have found that firms that have experience with television advertising appreciate the quality of cases generated from our online platforms, and use those to complement their current marketing sources. We should note that firms with online experience also add television to their sales stream.

Contact us today for a quote!

Q: What is a web form filled or email notification lead?
We generate premium quality case inquiries by placing ads on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo! to attract claimants who are actively searching for a personal injury attorney.These ad types are widely considered to be the highest quality lead source, as users typically are at the last stage of their purchasing cycle.

When a prospective claimant is driven to one of our landing pages, he or she is asked to provide their biographical data and answer questions related to fault, date of accident, whether legal representation has been obtained, and any additional comments related to the accident or injury.

Q: What are some of the benefits of your online-originated email leads?
Our Motor Vehicle Accident Injury Leads have the following benefits:Exclusive. We don’t share our leads with other attorneys!

Real time. You get the claimant’s information once they click the submit button!

Search-based and display. Although we include display advertising, prospective claimants are literally searching for an attorney!

Geotargeted. Get claims from counties that are in your area for higher retention rates!

No Term or Length Agreements. We fulfill leads for attorneys, and earn their business every month and on every lead!

If there are any questions or comments about our services please let us know. We have competitive pricing, especially in the high-demand markets you may be requesting . . . but they won’t last long now that we’ve expanded.

Thanks, and we hope to increase your intake in motor vehicle accident injury leads!

Q: How do you know it is a valid motor vehicle accident lead?
Regarding merit of the lead, the claimant is required to provide answers to inquiries pursuant required by the IVR or live agent who is vetting and transferring the caller. Generally, those include the following:

  • Interested in legal assistance,
  • Suffered a personal injury,
  • Due to a car, motorcycle, or trucking accident,

Although IVR filters do not filter for “at-fault” issues, live agent transferrs typically vet for fault status. For example, live agent transferred calls screen for situations where the prospect’s tire blew and there was no other driver involved, which indicates the claimant actually was at-fault.

Notably, the filtering is not always accurate. It should be expected that some claimants will provide inaccurate data that otherwise would disqualify them. IVR filtered calls have a buffer period, and buyers are expected to abide by the time threshold allotted

Q: Are attorney car accident leads exclusive?
Yes, we provide exclusive leads only and our injury leads are never shared, unlike other attorney lead generation companies in the attorney advertising space. Although our case inquiries are exclusive, we highly recommend contacting claimants as quickly as possible. Please understand that the standard recommended follow-up reply is 5 minutes for any industry, and that remains for the legal arena. Significantly, we suggest contacting case leads as soon as possible, and also recommend utilizing our custom and professional email autoresponder service and custom, one-time text autoresponder service.For internal leads generated from a law firm branded website to communicate with prospective clients, consider companies such as Mailchimp and Campaigner who can provide third-party integrations and application program interfaces (APIs) that allow you to simultaneously respond to attorney leads.
Q: Do you offer geographic exclusivity?
We typically do not intentionally offer geographic exclusivity for our lead generation service. However, if we are unable to provide enough case inquiries to more than one client, that could provide territorial exclusivity as a matter of default.The only other geographic type of exclusivity we may provide is for our attorney seo and website optimization campaigns. These are high-impact search engine optimization programs geared at increasing website page position rankings. The reason is we cannot represent multiple law firms competing in closely geo-targeted keywords, as properly serving multiple firms here would require many of the same services, similar customization, and eventually one firm would succeed at the expense of another.
Q: Are your live transfer and live call leads delivered real-time?
By the very nature of the service, all claimant inquiries that are transferred will be real-time. Moreover, we do not “cherry-pick,” hold back, or otherwise favor certain law firms.
Q: How do you generate your legal leads?
We generate our own leads as well as partner with firms that we have established relationships. Further, we work with qualified and experienced publishers and advertisers who have generated thousands of leads within the legal field, as well as finance, travel, mortgage, and other industries. The platforms are typically online (landing pages) and television/radio (commercials). We do not participate in co-registration, survey-driven lead generation methods, or other type of non-targeted means to generate legal leads.
Q: Do 3rd party legal leads comply with attorney ethics guidelines?
Very good question. Lead generation methods have existed for years, and firms that have engaged in legal lead generation have opened the doors by dealing with many of the initial challenges. We comply with various state rules on attorney advertisements, and do not offer a referral program with geographic exclusivity, pay for performance, or recommend certain attorneys to prospects seeking legal advice. Our legal and ethical method is considered a “group model” that provides connections to those seeking representation within the entire group in a random-type manner. We comply with ABA model Rule 7.1 by not being misleading; we comply with ABA Model Rule 7.2 by not recommending or endorsing any specific lawyer. We do not split fees with attorneys for the leads we provide on a pay-per-lead only basis. Please see our Bar Compliance section in our About Us page.
Q: How are legal leads delivered, and do we have access to call recordings?
Live calls that are transferred after being filtered by an agent or IVR system get sent to the designated phone number as input in our insertion orders. We can inform you what the originating phone number will be so you can prepare your intake staff.To access a recording of the call, simply login to your account and you will find a file with the detail to listen.
Q: When will I start receiving my auto accident leads?
Leads typically arrive within 3 days after funds have cleared depending upon each state. We typically provide estimates of the number of calls we can generate, and we may reflect on the previous 30 days of activity to make the determination.Once we have all of your information related to designated phone numbers and custom queries, we will begin setup of your account.

After receiving all of your information, such as lead type, where and how to send the leads, and any other custom filters, we will setup your account. Although leads may start arriving within 72 hours, low volume areas based upon digital ads and click-to-call ads may take about 1 week before leads begin as we make adjustments to impressions.

Q: Can I purchase legal leads within specific practice areas?
Of course! You can choose just one practice area, or multiple ones. And, if you don’t see what you are looking for, we can customize the filters/fields. We are here to help increase your intake of legal prospects that meet your specific area of practice.



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