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Our most popular legal leads, attorney leads, and lawyer leads are below.

  • Auto Accident Leads. These lawyer leads involve prospective claimants who have provided their express written consent to speak to a legal advocate or attorney.  They can be delivered via email notification, text notification, posted to a law firm’s CRM, or by live transfer. These can be generated on a statewide or county-based level. Notably, the larger the geo-targeted area then the larger the volume of auto accident leads generated.
  • Workers Compensation Leads. These inquiries involve people who have suffered an injury while at work or incurred an occupational illness. Unlike auto accidents, these personal injury leads may not have the degree scrutiny for being at-fault. And, it is a claim against the insurance provider rather than the employer.
  • Social Security Disability Leads. Here, lawyer leads are based upon a claimant who has a disability and is unable to work. Hence, claimants may require representation in front of the Social Security Administration (SSA) to obtain benefits.
  • Mass Tort Leads. Another source of popular legal leads involves defective drugs and medical devices. It is also referred to as mass torts, and the qualifiers differ by medical device or drug. This is a more specialized field. Most mass torts attorneys pursue signed retainers to reduce the workload. Retainers typically include the law firm’s retainer and employment agreement, HITECH/HIPPA Form, Authorization to Disclose Health Information, and sometimes a Patient’s Directive form. We can also pursue medical records and plaintiff’s fact sheet for a more turnkey solution.

Check out On Point Legal Leads today if you are interested in generating a pipeline of monthly case inquiries within any personal injury field.

best legal leads

attorney leads and lawyer leads


law firm personal injury leads

legal intake of law firm auto accident leads

If you are interested in the best law firm leads as a personal injury attorney, you’re at the right place.

We provide inquiries from prospective claimants who have suffered a physical injury from a range of civil torts that involve the negligent conduct against another that causes harm.

The most frequent types of personal injury leads include car wrecks, at-work accidents, disability requiring representation in front of the Social Security Administration, nursing home abuse, and premises liability (also called slip and fall cases).

There are four general types of law firm leads we provide:

  • Web Form Fill. These involve digital advertising that drives prospective claimants to landing pages with filters for different claim types. First, a prospective claimant must complete their contact information, such as name, phone number, email address, city, state, and zip code. Then they can complete the other qualifiers, click the submit button, and the law firm will receive a notification by email, text, or through their customer retention management system (CRM).
  • Inbound Warm Live Transfer. There are different types of live transfer leads we provide. The most well-known in the legal profession are those generated from click-to-call and web form fills. Click-to-call leads involve visitors who click a phone number that rings to a call center that qualifies the prospective claimant for standard filters then transfers the person to the designated phone number of the law firm. We can add an experienced legal intake call center if you need assistance pursuing legal leads, which is described below.
  • Outbound Warm Live Transfer. These involve purchasing web form fill leads submitted by a prospective claimant and a call center agent reaches out to ensure qualifications are met.  Then the claimant is transferred to the law firm.
  • IVR Warm Live Transfer. Like Inbound Warm Live Transfer, these involve people who click-to-call. However, they are directed to an IVR (interactive voice response system). The IVR qualifies the prospective claimant for (1) their interest in speaking to a legal advocate after suffering physical harm and are not currently represented by an law firm; and (2) either sustained major injuries that include broken bones, or; suffered minor injuries or a hospital visit without broken bones.

If you are an attorney interested qualified law firm leads from web form fills or live transfers within the personal injury vertical, contact us today.



    Among the most common types of attorney lead generation services we deliver are personal injury leads. 

    The most popular subcategory includes motor vehicle accident leads, which include:

    • Auto Accident Leads. These include prospective claimants who have suffered a personal injury following a car wreck and are searching for legal representation.
    • Motorcycle Accident Leads. These involve an individual who incurred a personal injury during a motorcycle accident and have submitted an inquiry to speak to a legal advocate.
    • Truck Accident Leads. When an individual has been involved in an accident with an 18-wheeler, the injuries often can be devastating. Our law firm lead generation service delivers truck leads, which are inquiries of prospective claimants interested in speaking to an attorney following a trucking accident.

    Many law firms specifically pursue these claim types because of the number and predictability of these claims. Tractor trailer accidents are in demand because the damage awards can be in the high-six to seven-figures.

    Web form fill leads generate the highest volume compared to live transfers. And, they can be more cost effective from a cost-per-case basis.

    The qualifications prospective claimants provide are as follows:

    • When did the accident injury occur? (Must be within statute of limitations.)
    • Were you at fault? (Must be no.)
    • Have you hired an attorney or represented by an attorney? (Must be no.)
    • Were you injured? (Must be yes.)

    Many of the forms have an additional 15 questions claimants can input, such as: the type of motor vehicle, whether he or she was the driver or passenger, the amount and type of damage to the vehicle, when medical treatment was provided, what type of treatment was provided, whether other passengers were injured, and the number of nights spent at a hospital due to the injury. These additional qualifiers could assist with demonstrating the level of intent a prospective claimant has to pursue legal representation.

    If your law firm is interested in quality leads with predictable lead flow of prospective claimants in the auto accident leads space, contact our office today.

    auto accident lead generation for attorneys

    law firm lead generation for car accident leads

    attorney lead generation for motorcycle accidents

    truck accident leads for law firm lead generation


    lawyer lead generation for defective drugs and medical devices

    lawyer lead generation for mass tort leads

    Lawyer lead generation and law firm lead generation involving defective drugs for mass torts are a compelling part of the legal industry. It consists of lawyers who pursue pharmaceutical companies for failure to warn, negligence, breach of warranties, among other potential claims. 

    Although these claims typically involve defective drugs and medical devices, sometimes they involve product liability claims.

    Essentially, attorneys allege that there are hundreds or thousands of claims with the same questions of fact and law. This can lead to one of two outcomes: a class-action law suit or a multidistrict litigation law suit (MDL)

    MDL’s are different from class action law suits. Class actions have one or two main plaintiffs that represent the whole class of plaintiffs. Multi-district litigation law suits, on the other hand, allow each individual to have their case heard by the same court. This provides efficiencies because of the similarity in facts and law.

    Our lawyer lead generation and law firm lead generation programs predominantly consist of quality live transfers and signed retainers. In some instances, we can provide web form leads. Below is some detail on these campaigns.

    • Signed Retainers. Signed retainers are the most popular method of pursuing mass tort claimants. Essentially, we obtain a claimant’s signature on the law firm’s contingency agreement. These campaigns begin by generating legal leads from the specific claim type. Typically, express written consent from the prospective claimant is obtained to contact them from digital advertising. In some cases, television or radio ads are used to generate inbound calls. Then, each claimant is qualified based upon the law firm’s criteria, which often is the same among firms pursuing the respective mass tort claim. After a claimant is qualified, a contingency agreement and HITECH/HIPPA form is sent for their signature and forwarded to the law firm. Obtaining electronically signed documents is the quickest way to get agreements, yet in some cases mailing the documents is required. Additionally, we can include medical record retrieval and plaintiff fact sheets with our services for a more complete and turnkey solution. This can help streamline the overall process and reduce overhead.
    • Live Transfers. Often, attorneys use our law firm lead generation services to transfer prospective claimants to their designated intake team. This involves calling claimants who have submitted their information online or after taking inbound calls from television and/or radio ad campaigns. In each case, the person is qualified for the relevant filters then transferred to the law firm’s intake team. That team can re-qualify the claimant’s details and sign them directly.
    • Web Form Fill Leads. Our law firm lead generation services also can provide legal leads of prospective claimants via digital advertising. First, a person completes their information on a landing page, which includes contact information and specific criteria for the respective defective drug or medical device. Once he or she clicks the submit button, the law firm will receive a notification with the claimant’s details allowing them to reach out and qualify them.

    If you are interested in law firm lead generation for mass tort cases, please contact us today.


    We provide quality lead generation for law firms, lawyers and attorneys interested in workers compensation case leads.

    When a prospective claimant is injured while working or due to a work-related illness, they may qualify for benefits. There are a broad-range of injuries that can occur at job sites. These include broken bones and slipped discs at construction sites; repetitive motion problems from office-related tasks, and; slip and fall accidents at factories.

    These injuries happen daily and leave workers unable to work on a short-term or long-term basis. According to the National Safety Council, 7 million work-related injuries occur every year.

    Additionally, the most frequent work-related accidents at that cause the most amount of missed work include overexertion, contact with objects and equipment, and slip-and-fall accidents.  Naturally, some injuries are more traumatic than others. But all can influence the amount of time an employee is unable to return to work and, hence, the amount of benefits that may be received.

    Significantly, there are certain job types that generate the most amount of disabling injuries. Those include service (such as firefighters and police officers); transportation and shipping; manufacturing and production; installation, maintenance, and repair; and, construction.

    When providing lead generation for law firms for workers compensation leads, the qualifications typically are as follows:

    • First Name: Required
    • Last Name: Required
    • Address- city, state, zip: Required
    • Email address: Required
    • Phone Number: Required
    • Type of Injury: On the job/at work: Required
    • Retained lawyer? Must be No
    • Year of injury: Required to be within statute of limitations

    Some landing pages request the type of injury, number of employees at the company, whether the employer is a government entity, and whether a claim form has been filed. Comments often are included by the prospective claimant.

    If you are an attorney interested lead generation for law firms, please contact us today.

    workers compensation lead generation for law firms

    workers compensation accident lead generation for lawyers


    bankruptcy attorney leads for legal lead generation
    We provide legal lead generation for bankruptcy leads.

    This includes individuals who are under serious financial stress and are seeking advice about how to deal with their creditors. These prospects have filed or are interested filing for Chapter 7, Chapter 11, or Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

    Bankruptcy leads are generated through pay-per-click digital advertising where prospective claimants complete forms online.

    Once the person submits his or her information, the details get posted to our portal and your law firm is notified by email, text, or via your CRM.

    According to the Administrative Office of the Courts, bankruptcy filings decreased by about 1% between March 2018 and March 2019. While 2018 figures showed 779,828 filings, 2019 fared slightly better with 772,646 filings.

    One academic study determined that medical issues were the culprit for 66.5% of all bankruptcies. This equates to approximately 530,000 families every year.

    The United States witnessed a trend of bankruptcies that started in 2008 and peaked in 2010. Nearly 1.6 million bankruptcies were filed that year and has been trending downward since.

    Let our legal lead generation ignite your law firm with quality bankruptcy leads. Contact us today at 972-333-5114.


    social security leads for lawyers
    Our social security disability leads for lawyers are exclusive and delivered to our portal within a fraction of a second. Your law firm will be notified by email, text message, or by your CRM.

    These leads for law firms are generated through online pay-per-click advertising that drives prospective claimants to landing pages. Once a claimant submits his or her data, that information gets sent to your law firm, in-house call center, or one of our partner legal intake centers.

    Most online advertising focuses on the following qualifications:

    • Have you seen a doctor in the past 12 months?
    • Do you expect to be unable to work for the next year?
    • Did you earn income during 5 of the past 10 years?
    • Are you currently receiving benefits from the Social Security Administration?
    • How old are you? (SSDI leads can be qualified by age groups.)
    • Is an attorney helping with your claim?
    • Comments section for additional details about the disability.

    At On Point Legal Leads we generate leads for attorneys and law firms.  Let us ignite your legal practice with our social security leads and SSDI leads.


    law firm lead generation for tax lawyers
    We are among those law firm lead generation companies that provide tax leads.

    There are three different options:

    • Tax Resolution Leads via Live Calls. There are two categories for these live calls: people with either more than $10,000 in debt and those with less than $10,000 in debt. Calls are delivered to your law firm’s designated ring-to phone number during regular operating hours, typically between 9 AM to 6 PM CST. These hours may be adjusted to fit your firm’s schedule.
    • Tax Relief Leads via Web Form Fill. These are generated through online advertising where prospective debt relief seekers submit their information on landing pages.  After submission, the person’s details are delivered by email, text, and/or to your CRM. Typically, tax leads are delivered 24/7.
    • Pre-Qualified Live Transfer Tax Resolution Leads. These are generated from prospects who have responded to traditional media campaigns, including television and radio. Some include web form submissions that are called to qualify. Prospects are qualified and transferred to your law firm. The minimum filters we use include being $10,000 in federal tax debt, having $1,500 minimum household income, and the prospect not currently involved in an active bankruptcy proceeding.

    If you are looking for law firm lead generation companies to increase your intake of tax leads and tax relief leads, call us today.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Legal Leads and Attorney Leads

    frequently asked questions about legal leads

    Q: How long has your legal leads company been in business?

    Good question.

    We started in May of 2016 with a focus on serving personal injury attorneys. Most of our clients pursue motor vehicle accident and workers compensation leads.

    Since we’ve grown, we’ve added proprietary automated targeting technologies like customized SMS text, email, and ringless voicemail. These are designed to increase contact and retention rates.

    If you’re interested in quality legal lead generation, you’ve come to the right place!

    Q: What are the basics about your personal injury lead generation service?

    Great question.

    Prospective claimants are driven to landing pages typically from search engines. These people input their personal contact information (including name, phone, email, city, state, and zip code), as well as whether they were at fault, date of incident, status of legal representation, and other detailed information.

    Some of the forms ask for more detailed information that the prospective claimant has the option to provide. This includes how the type of vehicle (motorcycle, truck, or automobile), degree of damage (fender bender, total loss), nights spent in hospital (1-3 nights, 3-5 nights), whether treatment was provided, type of hospital treatment (emergency room, ambulance), type of vehicle (private or commercial), and others.

    Once they click the “submit” button, which is above the terms of service and disclaimer information, their information is sent to you within a fraction of a second. Hence, the prospective claimant’s express written consent is provided.

    We can also provide live transfer calls.

    You may track and manage your leads through our state-of-the-art lead distribution and automated marketing portal that is designed to increase contact and retention rates.

    Q: What are live transfer personal injury leads?

    A live transfer lead occurs when a prospective claimant is transferred to your law firm by a call center agent or IVR system to your designated phone number.

    We have four live transfer programs:

    • Agent screened live transfers with buffer
    • Agent screened live transfers without buffer
    • IVR screened live transfers with buffer
    • Web form fill submissions that are followed up by one of our partner legal intake call centers.

    Q: Are personal injury leads for attorneys exclusive?


    Our business model is successful because we do not share leads. This means you are not competing with other law firms the moment the prospective claimant submits their information.

    We cannot guarantee the prospect has not submitted their data to another attorney, however. Often, a person will submit their data to a law firm’s website and not receive a response. Subsequently, they may submit other forms with the intent of getting a quicker response.

    Hence, although auto accident injury leads are exclusive, we encourage attorneys respond to all leads within 5 minutes or less.

    We can even provide highly competitive and experienced call center services that has proven to increase contact and retention rates. This is the preferred method of some of the most successful personal injury law firms.

    Q: Are your personal injury leads delivered real-time?

    You bet.

    Naturally, live transfer calls occur on a real-time basis.

    As for auto accident leads submitted through landing pages, those get posted immediately to our lead distribution platform, which is when you will be sent a notification via email and/or SMS text message.

    Q: How are your personal injury leads delivered?

    The data from these types of legal leads will be delivered via email and/or cell phone via SMS text message, unless they are transferred to your phone.

    Also, some clients have a contracted call center or CRM that allows us to posts directly to their respective portals.

    We deliver prospective claimants who have submitted their data online within a fraction of a second.

    Significantly, we display the time your law firm opens these notifications. This assists in tracking response times so your staff may manage and improve contact and retention rates.

    Q: What are the general contract terms?

    First, our agreements are based upon quantity. We do not have term-length agreements that require monthly or annual commitments.

    Second, we have qualifications that greatly help ensure quality of leads. For example, standard valid auto accident leads require the prospect suffer a physical injury from a motor vehicle accident within the statute of limitations and not have hired an attorney.

    Q: Do you provide automated marketing?

    Indeed, we do!

    Automated marketing is becoming a must in the lead generation business.

    If you intend on competing with other law firms, then you will want to take advantage of our proprietary automated marketing portal.

    Here’s how it works:

    #1: Our portal sends an automated and customized email message from your firm to the prospective claimant immediately after they click the Submit button on the landing page. These are professional emails branded with your firm’s logo, contact info, images, awards, map, and links from your firm.

    #2: we send an automated custom text message from your firm as well that also includes your link and phone number. Studies have sown 95% of texts will be read within 3 minutes of being sent, with the average response time for a text being only 90 seconds.

    #3: we initiate an automated email drip campaign by sending 4 more follow up emails from our built-in email marketing software. This streamlines your intake process and relieves some burden from your staff.

    #4: we send a ringless voicemail message one hour after the prospective claimant submits his or her information.

    For any other questions, please contact us or visit our Personal Injury Leads FAQs page

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