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Bruising, also known as ecchymosis or contusion, occurs when small blood vessels under the skin break and leak blood. This leads to discoloration of the skin, typically appearing as a dark blue, purple, or black mark. Bruises are often caused by trauma or injury, such as bumping into objects or sustaining blows.

Exploring the spectrum of bruising: from minor discoloration to pronounced contusions. Trauma to blood vessels under the skin leads to blood leakage and discoloration. Understanding bruise variations helps recognize injury severity for proper treatment and healing.

An image portraying different stages and types of bruising, representing the spectrum from minor discoloration to more pronounced contusions. Bruising occurs due to trauma to the blood vessels beneath the skin, leading to blood leakage and subsequent discoloration. Understanding the diverse manifestations of bruising aids in recognizing the severity of injuries and guiding appropriate medical interventions for effective management and healing.

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