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Personal Injury Leads FAQs


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Frequently Asked Questions About Personal Injury Leads

In order to answer some of the most popular questions regarding our personal injury leads and legal leads, we have a list of FAQ’s to review.

Q: What are the details of these personal injury leads?
Our legal leads are exclusive to each attorney and are obtained from an online or broadcast medium. They are qualified for accuracy. For example, an auto accident lead/motor vehicle lead will require contact information, injury, not at fault, not hired an attorney, and may have other filters. These are not recycled leads from surveys, doctor’s offices, or some other source.

Web submission leads arrive in your inbox in real-time, and there is a time/date stamp included. We can send leads real-time to multiple email addresses.

Live transfer leads are calls from a prospective client whose legal issue has been qualified pursuant to the required filters, such as being injured in an auto accident, not being at fault, and not yet hired legal representation. All leads have notification that their information is passed to an attorney so that they can be contacted for details about legal representation.

It generally will take 30 days for leads to be fulfilled.

Q: What does a sample lead look like?
Below is a sample auto accident lead/motor vehicle accident lead.

You will notice that there has to be an injury, and the phone number has to be accurate as well or it is considered unqualified (must exchange within 5 days). The form also requires the prospect to click “No” when asked about attorney representation. Lead filters may vary among lead types and publishers. We can customize the fields to your specifications; however, additional charges may be incurred.

Client ID: 40213
Name: Kara Ozley
Phone: 678***-****
Phone2: 678***-****
Email: ********@gmail.com
State: GA
Zip: 30217
City: Franklin
Working With Attorney: No
Comments: I stopped at the traffic with signal
on to turn left across road was fully stopped for
about 2 mins and a truck going 35mph slammed
into my rear end didn’t hit breaks he was texting
and totalled my car gas tank was exposed and
trunk was in back seat.

Q: What are the filters/fields for my legal leads?
Filters/fields vary by lead type. For personal injury and auto accident leads/motor vehicle accident leads, please see the sample lead in the answer to the question immediately above. The common theme among legal leads is that a prospect is genuinely seeking legal representation for a particular legal matter, and the accurate contact information is provided. Different fields of practice will have additional fields specific to that field. So, a criminal defense lead may require a person be arrested or charged with a specific crime, whereas a personal injury lead not require this filter.
Q: What are the general contract terms?
This is a month-to-month, non- recurring agreement absent any automatic billing, and requires a 10 order minimum. We honor an exchange-for-credit return policy for unqualified leads, which are those that have inaccurate contact information, spam, did not request legal services, and other factors that may vary depending upon the lead type (for example, not having an injury for a personal injury related lead).
Q: What is the minimum number of legal leads per order?
The minimum is 10 per category. We strive to fulfill the number of leads that you order within 30 days. So, if you order 10 leads then you are expected to receive those within 30 days. Same if you order 20 in that you get 20 within 30 days. In some cases it may take an additional week. Larger orders may take 60 days, depending upon the legal lead type. Our goal is to provide quality leads; thus, at times the filters restrict the number of qualified leads we can generate per week.
Q: What is a live-transfer?
A live transfer is when a prospective injured client is transferred by phone to your office. The individual is contacted after completing a landing page regarding requesting legal representation for a personal injury. Auto Accidents/Motor Vehicle Accidents are separated, as there is specific marketing geared towards capturing those practice areas.
Q: How do you know it is a valid lead?
Regarding verification, the prospect is asked specific questions, such as:

Contact information (phone, email, physical address)
Type of Injury (if personal injury related/auto accident related)
Not at fault (if personal injury/auto accident related)
Not hired legal representation

This screening process is not 100% effective, thus it is standard to allow exchanges. Live Transfers typically have less exchanges because of the verbal screening process that acts as a better filter than a web submission. However, live transfer leads allow a buffer to qualify and verify the lead meets required filters.

Q: Are legal leads exclusive?
Our legal leads are exclusive, so you are the only attorney receiving this lead. Thus, leads are not issued on a shared-basis. Relatedly, there is no geographic or regional exclusivity for our legal leads, as this could be considered unethical. Your firm is the only one obtaining an issued lead within any practice area. Although many other lead companies send leads to multiple firms, we do not. We recommend contacting prospects within 30 minutes of receipt; however, gone are the days in which you must race to the phone and make contact with a potential client to avoid your competition from getting a retention agreement before you.
Q: Are your legal leads delivered real-time?
Yes, all orders are forwarded or transferred leads in real-time upon incoming receipt to our servers/inbox. We do not hold leads. We do not cherry-pick leads for specific law firms. Thus, once a lead is received on our end we automatically forward it to the recipient pursuant to the lead type and geographic region.
Q: Do you offer more than just personal injury related leads?
Absolutely. We offer leads for the most common legal practice area, including criminal law; family law; bankruptcy & tax law; estate, will and trusts law, and others. All legal leads consist of individuals seeking representation and are available to licensed attorneys associated with any size law firm. Notably, many of our clients work as solo practitioners. Please contact for other categories or sub-categories of these practice areas.
Q: Do you filter for quality?
Yes, we certainly do. On Point Legal Leads sends the highest quality leads that start with the advertisement. We don’t include terms such as “survey” or “free reward” or “pro bono” or any other terms that would suggest there is no cost, contingent or up front, that is involved. Plus, we have a credit-exchange system that allows clients to return an unqualified lead for a new lead. Leads become unqualified if they have VERIFIED wrong number, wrong legal category, wrong lead type, etc. Further, we offer live transfer calls to your office that immediately connects the prospect to your law firm, and a buffer to immediately qualify or disqualify the prospect. It doesn’t get any better than On Point Legal Leads!
Q: How do you generate your leads?
We work with qualified and experienced publishers and advertisers who have generated thousands of leads within the legal field, as well as finance, travel, mortgage, and other industries. The platforms are typically online (landing pages) and television/radio (commercials). We do not participate in co-registration, survey-driven lead generation methods, or other type of non-targeted means to generate legal leads.
Q: Do 3rd party legal leads comply with attorney ethics guidelines?
Very good question. Lead generation methods have existed for years, and firms that have engaged in legal lead generation have opened the doors by dealing with many of the initial challenges. We comply with various state rules on attorney advertisements, and do not offer a referral program with geographic exclusivity, pay for performance, or recommend certain attorneys to prospects seeking legal advice. Our legal and ethical method is considered a “group model” that provides connections to those seeking representation within the entire group in a random-type manner. We comply with ABA model Rule 7.1 by not being misleading; we comply with ABA Model Rule 7.2 by not recommending or endorsing any specific lawyer. We do not split fees with attorneys for the leads we provide on a pay-per-lead only basis. Please see our Bar Compliance section in our About Us page.
Q: How are legal leads delivered?
Web submission leads are sent to your inbox. Live transfer leads are connected to the phone number of your choice.
Q: When will I start receiving my leads?
Leads typically arrive within 3 days after funds have cleared. After receiving all of your information, such as lead type, where and how to send the leads, and any other custom filters, we will setup your account. Although leads may start arriving within 72 hours, you should expect about 1 week before leads begin arriving.
Q: Can I exchange bad leads?
Yes, we have an exchange-credit program that allows leads to be credited when unqualified. A lead is unqualified and may be exchanged for the following reasons:

• Disconnected phone number (please provide the error message).
• Incorrect contact information (please provide how confirmed).
• Client hired representation (please provide when).
• Not within scope of geographic region purchased (please list location of lead).
• Inaccurate legal practice area (please list this lead’s practice area).
• Denies seeking legal representation (be specific).
• Fake information (please provide specific information).
• Other (please provide specific reasons for credit-exchange request).

All leads are sold “as is” and cannot be resold. To request a replacement lead, please notify us and allow 48 hours to verify the problems with the lead. You MUST notify us within 5 consecutive 24-hour periods upon delivery of lead. Live transfer leads must be verified within the buffer time frame.

Q: Can I purchase legal leads within specific practice areas?
Of course! You can choose just one practice area, or multiple ones. And, if you don’t see what you are looking for, we can customize the filters/fields. We are here to help increase your intake of legal prospects that meet your specific area of practice.



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