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Workers Compensation & Workers Comp Leads FAQ’s

In order to answer some of the most popular questions from attorneys regarding workers comp leads, we’ve listed common FAQ’s.

Q: What are the basics about your workers’ compensation lead generation service?
On Point Legal Leads originates leads from online web form-filled submissions.  Visitors are driven to landing pages where they complete the information about the work-related injury he or she experienced.

Regarding these on-the-job, injury-based case leads from the internet, paid advertising is one of the most popular forms of origination.  Typically, we use a pay-per-click search model with other paid advertising forms in order to generate inbound leads for injury claims from construction, health care, factory, and other fields.

After obtaining general biographical and geographical data from, each lead is required to pass specific questions in order to get an initial qualification. The general information includes full name, address, email address, and valid phone number (which must be accurate to be a qualified lead).

Other important information could include the date of the injury, type of claim, whether the claimant was out of work for at least 5 days, whether the claimant has hired an attorney, and a section for comments.

The injury-based questions focus around the physical harm for the claim to survive, and are common with qualifying the lead’s validity pursuant to workers comp insurance.

Our attorney leads are not shared with other firms, and are not reprocessed or recycled, not based upon surveys, and not based upon an incentive-based marketing campaign.

All legal leads are forwarded to the attorney’s designated email address or addresses contemporaneously with the user’s submission.  Thus, within a fraction of a second the data submitted is expected to be delivered.

Lead fulfillment typically takes 30 days.

Q:  Do you provide samples of specific workers comp leads?
Yes, we are able to provide samples of mass tort leads.

As you can see, the qualifications include the claimant’s general information as well as confirmation of the standard filters as mentioned above.  Qualified leads require a valid phone number, an email address, confirmation that the claimant has taken the medication or been implanted with the medical device.  Further, the filter requires the claimant has not obtained attorney representation.  We can create specialized filters as well, although there may be an additional charge.
Please see the sample lead below for reference:

Name: Jane Sample Lead
Phone: 223-456-7890
City/State/Zip Code:  Orange County, CA

Describe associated problems: back and neck pain

Year or date of injury?  2017
Were you out of work for at least 5 days?  Yes
Do you already have a lawyer representing your claim? No

Q:  What are the filters/fields for workers comp leads?
As mentioned above, we require the following:

  • First Name and Last Name
  • City, State, and Zip Code
  • Valid phone number
  • Best email address to be reached
  • Year of injury
  • Type of injury
  • Whether claimant has hired an attorney
  • Open comments about injury, claim, benefits, and other experience

Leads that do not fulfill these filters are considered to be unqualified.

Q:  What are the general contract terms?
Our agreements are based upon quantity, and the objective is to fulfill all orders within 30 days.  Generally, our quotes are based upon fulfilling leads within that time frame.  Thus, there is no automatic billing at the outset; however, many firms prefer to have automatic invoicing in order to prevent any delay in lead flow, which we can provide upon request.

In addition, we honor an exchange-for-credit return policy for unqualified leads, which are those that have inaccurate contact information, spam, did not request legal services, and other factors that may vary depending upon the lead type (for example, not having an injury for a personal injury related lead).

Q:  What is the minimum number of workers compensation leads per order?
Generally, we have a 10 order minimum for workers comp leads.

Our primary goal is to fulfill our quality lead generation campaign within 30 days, and quotes of all orders are based upon this, unless otherwise discussed.  Once your account is funded, we will provide you with your start date and you can expect arrival to begin approximately 3-5 days following.

Like all internet-based marketing campaigns, we have experienced fluctuations that have decreased the flow of inbound claims.  In those situations, we have increased our resources and feeds from different online platforms to accommodate.

Our goal is to provide premium quality leads, and the high number of filters can have a restrictive effect on quantity. In fact, the number of qualified leads any firm can generate per week is inherently limited.  Significantly, we also partner with other firms to assist with order fulfillment.

Q:  Do you offer live transfer personal injury leads for sale?
Yes, we certainly do provide live transfer campaigns.

A live transfer is when a prospective injured client is transferred by phone to your office after being qualified to meet specified filters.  The individual is contacted after submitting their data from a landing page that confirms the individual’s interest in obtaining representation by an attorney for the particular defective drug or medical device.

Please contact us for details on these call center based case leads.

We also provide live-call workers comp leads.  There, claimants call the personal injury attorney directly without speaking to an agent, and without completing a form online.  This has shown to be an effective method of generating legal leads for law firms.

Finally, we provide turnkey, production-ready television commercials focused on specific torts, such as mass tort leads and auto accident leads.  Pricing is based upon a fixed amount for each qualified claimant who contacts the firm, there is no buffer period, and ads are aired during business hours. These have been tested and proven to be very effective and popular, especially on the east coast where law firms tend to be more progressive.

As a side note, we have found that firms that have experience with television advertising appreciate the quality of cases generated from our online platforms, and use those to complement their current marketing sources.  We should mention that firms with online experience also have seen success when adding television to their sales stream.

Q:  How do you know it is a valid workers compensation lead?
Regarding validity of the lead, the claimant is required to provide answers to inquiries pursuant to the filters.  Generally, those include the following:


Contact information (phone, email, physical address)

Type of Injury (if personal injury related/auto accident related)

Not hired legal representation

Anyone experienced with internet-based workers compensation lead generation companies – or any online lead origination service –likely understands that filtering results are not always accurate.  It should be expected that some claimants will provide inaccurate data that disqualifies them.

We request that all leads that are determined to be inaccurate after the attorney follows up be forwarded to our designated email address with details.  Credits for replacements leads require alerting us within five (5) days following receipt of the lead.

Q:  Does your workers comp lead generation company provide exclusive legal leads?
Absolutely we do.  Our leads are exclusive to the purchasing attorney or law firm and are never shared, unlike other attorney lead generation services.  This assists in client retention rates as well as cost per conversion costs by preventing the requirement of instant-response intake systems.

However, this will not prevent the prospect from considering other options.  Thus, a reply communication inside of 5 minutes is standard across all fields, legal and otherwise.  Significantly, we suggest contacting case leads as soon as possible, and also recommend utilizing an email auto-responder service.

All companies utilizing a website to communicate with prospective clients should consider companies such as Campaigner who can provide third-party integrations and application program interfaces (APIs) that allow you to simultaneously respond to attorney leads.

Q:  Do you offer geographic exclusivity?
Our leads are exclusive and not shared with other attorneys.  However, we do not provide geographic exclusivity.  But this should not be an issue, as we should be able to provide enough workers comp leads to make the program worthwhile.
Q:  Are your personal injury leads delivered real-time?

Regarding form-filled submission from landing pages, once a claimant submits their data it goes directly to the assigned attorney email address(es).

Regarding live transfer campaigns, when available, the lead is sent “live” to the call center or legal intake center.  We do not favor legal leads or law firms, as this would violate professional rules of responsibility and ethics.  Thus, we do not “cherry-pick” case leads.

Regarding television commercials (with no call center intercept), the caller is connected directly to the assigned law firm phone number.  Thus, that call is being delivered in real-time.

Q:  Do you filter workers comp leads for quality?
Yes.  On Point Legal Leads sends the highest quality attorney leads, and that effort begins with the advertisement. We do not include terms such as “survey,” “free reward,” pro bono,” or any other terms that would suggest there is no obligation.

Although these claims usually get handled on a contingency basis, individuals who pursue claims with “free” in mind could be problematic.  Collaboration between the claimant and attorney often is essential to the success of a case, and terms that include these “free” claims are red flags for poor and unqualified leads.

In the event a lead is determined to be unqualified by the law firm, our exchange/replacement policy allows for credit towards another case lead. Attorney leads become unqualified if they have verified wrong number, wrong legal category, wrong lead type, etc.  Further, we can provide live transfer or direct connect calls to your office.

Q: How do you generate your lawyer leads?
We have the knowledge to generate our own lawyer leads, and have relationships with publishers whom we have quality case leads for personal injury attorneys.  These qualified and experienced advertisers have generated thousands of leads within the legal field.  Some have gained valuable experience in the finance, travel, mortgage, and other industries.

The platforms are typically online (landing pages) and television/radio (commercials).  We do not participate in co-registration, survey-driven lead generation methods, or other type of non-targeted means to generate legal leads.

Q:  Do 3rd party legal leads comply with attorney ethics guidelines?
Very good question. Lead generation methods have existed for years, and firms that have engaged in legal lead generation have opened the doors by dealing with many of the initial challenges.

We comply with various state rules on attorney advertisements, and do not offer a referral program with geographic exclusivity, pay for performance, or recommend certain attorneys to prospects seeking legal advice.

Our legal and ethical method is considered a “group model” that provides connections to those seeking representation within the entire group in a random-type manner.  We comply with ABA model Rule 7.1 by not being misleading; we comply with ABA Model Rule 7.2 by not recommending or endorsing any specific lawyer.  We do not split fees with attorneys for the leads we provide on a pay-per-lead only basis.

Please see our Bar Compliance section in our About Us page.

Q: How are legal leads delivered?
Web submission leads are sent to your inbox.  Leads generated from broadcast media involve calls being pointed to the number you have assigned, which likely is the main phone number for your law firm.
Q:  When will I start receiving my workers comp personal injury leads?
Leads typically arrive within 3 days after funds have cleared.  After receiving all of your information, such as lead type, where and how to send the leads, and any other custom filters, we will setup your account. Although leads may start arriving within 72 hours, you should expect about 1 week before leads begin arriving.
Q:  Can I exchange unqualified personal injury and workers comp leads?
Of course you can. Our lead replacement policy allows leads to be credited for a new claim if shown that it does not meet the filters.  A lead is unqualified and may be exchanged for a replacement for the following reasons:

  • Disconnected or wrong phone number (please provide the error message).
  • Client hired representation (please provide when).
  • Not within scope of geographic region purchased (please list location of lead).
  • Inaccurate legal practice area (please list this lead’s practice area).
  • Denies seeking legal representation (be specific)
  • Other (please provide specific reasons for credit-exchange request).

All legal leads are sold “as is” and cannot be resold.  To request a replacement lead, please notify us and allow 48 hours to verify the problems with the lead.  Generally, you MUST notify us within 5 consecutive 24-hour periods upon delivery of lead.  Some leads are allowed 8 consecutive 24-hour periods.  Some live transfer leads must be verified, and live-call attorney leads are considered valid and qualified when the call continues beyond a designated threshold buffer time frame.

Q:  Can I purchase specific types or categories of personal injury case leads?
Absolutely you can.  We have multiple categories of personal injury case leads, including auto accident, mass tort, which includes IVC filters, Hernia Mesh, Risperdal, Xarelto, Pradaxa, Talcum, Taxotere, and others.

While some law firms specialize in just one injury type, others have multiple areas of specialization.  If you do not see any of your firm’s practice areas, please contact us for a custom quote based upon the criteria specific to the tort.  At On Point Legal Leads, we are here to help with your legal lead generation needs.  Contact us today!



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