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Live Transfer Workers Compensation Leads FAQs


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Live Transfer Workers Compensation & Workers Comp Leads FAQ’s

In order to answer some of the most popular questions from attorneys regarding these quality workers comp leads, we’ve listed common FAQ’s.

Q: What are the basics about your live transfer workers compensation lead generation services?
Live transfer leads of potential workers compensation claimants are originated from online platforms such as Google, Yahoo!, and Bing. Significantly, these are from real people with real legal issues related to an injury at the workplace.These leads come into the call center for screening after a visitor has clicked the phone number advertised or completed an online form. Online form driven leads are pursued by call center agents, and all leads are vetted for specific information relevant to a physical injury at the work place, often a blue collar or construction-based job. Typical biographical data such as name, city/state/zip, phone number and email address is secured. This is followed by the year of the injury (in order to prevent statute of limitations issues), type of accident and injury incurred (must be an employment situation), and if the claimant-victim has hired an attorney for legal representation.

Our attorney leads are exclusive to your firm, are not based upon incentives, rewards, or co-registration forms. Further, prospective claimants are not reprocessed or recycled, nor generated from surveys.

Regarding prospective workers compensation claimants generated from online advertising, these are generated from pay-per-click impressions. All recordings of inbound call leads are forwarded to the attorney’s designated email address or addresses contemporaneously with the completion of call.

For law firms that have an outsourced intake center or in-house setup, we can have television commercials broadcast within targeted counties. Larger geographic parameters may be required. Here, one of our generic, production-ready commercials is broadcast during regular business hours. A toll-free number is pointed to the firm’s assigned intake phone number. There is no buffer period, which is a barrier some pay-per-qualified-call programs require.

We strive to fulfill all orders within 30 days and typically review the past month’s production to gauge activity and provide accurate estimates.

Q: What are the qualifications for my live transfer workers comp leads?
As mentioned above, we require the following:

  • First Name and Last Name
  • City, State, and Zip Code
  • Valid phone number
  • Best email address to be reached
  • Year or specific date of accident injury
  • Whether claimant was hospitalized
  • Whether claimant has hired an attorney
  • Additional details

Leads that do not fulfill these filters are considered to be unqualified.

Q: What are the general contract terms?
Our agreements are based upon quantity, and the objective is to fulfill all orders within 30 days. For agent qualified live transfer leads for workers compensation injuries, we require a deposit that will be drawn from as we send you calls. Generally, our quotes are based upon fulfilling leads within that time frame. Thus, there is no automatic billing at the outset; however, many firms prefer to have automatic invoicing in order to prevent any delay in lead flow, which we can provide upon request.As a general reference, a qualified call is considered a billable live transfer of a valid prospective claimant once he or she has been interviewed and passed our intake screening questions. Below is some additional and relevant detail.

  • Inbound calls will come from our dedicated caller ID, which is the same phone number every time.
  • Any call that has meet the preliminary screening and is transferred is considered a billable call.
  • All calls are recorded and state the same at the beginning of the call.
  • At the completion of a call, a digital record is sent to your designated email address(es); it will include the phone number and all available caller ID information, as well as a link to the call recording.

We can deliver calls in most states both in English or Spanish.

To set expectations accurately, call volume typically starts slow and be very manageable. After manageable volume has been established, it will increase as the program grows in momentum.

All calls generated for the client belong to the client exclusively. Repeat calls are automatically directed back to the original client for a period of 30 days.

All qualified leads will meet these qualifications:

  • Must have physical injury
  • Have received medical attention
  • State of incident is confirmed
  • Injury has happened within 1 year of call date
  • No lawyer has been retained for this accident

Client agrees to use our designated call tracking system to capture and report calls generated by this program. All calls are recorded for quality assurance and tracking. The client will receive a digital receipt of each accepted call by email at the end of every call. Due to spam filters and circumstances beyond the control our mail servers, we cannot guarantee the receipt of email but does maintain email deliverability best practices. Invoicing is broken into weekly periods: Weekly from Monday to Sunday. Invoices are issued Mondays or next business day. We cannot accept returns for calls that meet the minimum qualification questions. A voicemail will be left if client does not answer the transferred call. This is considered a billable call and is then the client’s responsibility to contact the lead in a timely manner. Client’s with more than 10% of calls going to voicemail will be paused.

Client agrees to operate using best practices as recommended by LHA Onboarding Document, including intake procedures, call acceptance procedures, and script recommendations. Our agreement may be cancelled at any time with 72 hours written notice. The client remains responsible for all calls that meet or surpass the minimum call duration within the 72-hour period. We may cancel or alter the terms of this contract with 24 hours written notice. Both parties will defend, indemnify, and hold harmless each other, and its officers, directors, employees, agents, and affiliated entities (the “Indemnified Parties”) from and against any and all liabilities, losses, damages, claims, and expenses, including reasonable legal fees, that may be incurred or suffered by one or more Indemnified Parties arising out of or related to either parties conduct under this Agreement.

Q: What is the minimum number of agent verified workers comp case leads per order?
The minimum is 10 per order for inbound agent screened workers compensation case prospects. We strive to fulfill the number of leads that you order within 30 days. Hence, if you order 10 leads then you are expected to receive those within 30 days. Same if you order 20 in that we strive to generate 20 leads within a month from the start date.Please note that the smaller the designated geographic area, the lower the call volume. For live transfer calls, we highly recommend at least half the state, and in some instances, statewide. Often, it takes 40 clicks to generate 5 calls.

Like all legal marketing firms in this field, we have experienced fluctuations on a state-by-state basis. In those instances, we have increased our resources and feeds from different online platforms to accommodate. Our goal is to provide high quality leads based upon the above average filters required, and that aspect can have a restrictive effect. In fact, the number of qualified leads any firm can generate per week is inherently limited.

Q: Do you offer web form-filled workers compensation leads?
Yes, we have a lead generation program that involves prospective claimants filling out forms on landing pages.A web form-filled lead is when a potential client submits his or her data related to a workplace injury that caused physical harm, and includes details such as date of incident, status of attorney representation, type of harm, and biographical information (name, phone, email, physical address).

Once a prospective claimant submits their information, it is posted to our proprietary lead distribution and tracking portal. Our portal is the hub of what we do, and several tasks are initiated upon receipt of a web form-filled lead.

First, we send email and sms/text message notifications to your team. We do not have a limit on the number of email addresses and cell phones, but will need your cell phone carrier if you would like to receive notifications via text.

Second, we send a one-time, TCPA compliant, customized text message to the phone number submitted by the prospective client. Studies have shown that 80% of texts are read within the first 3 minutes.

Third, we send a one-time, professional and customized auto response email to the email address submitted. You will have access to your personalized dashboard. That is where you:

  • fund your account,
  • track case prospects,
  • request credits/replacements,
  • view customized auto response email,
  • view customized auto response text messages,
  • view customized automated email drip campaign,
  • view notification email and text/sms destinations,
  • view notification opens, etc.

We will setup your custom domains, text numbers, and everything else to ensure this a turnkey setup. Once you fund your account, we can go over the dashboard and its options together.

As a side note, it appears that firms experienced with television and radio advertising appreciate the quality of cases generated from digital media and use those to complement their current revenue streams. Additionally, law firms with experience with digital advertising also see success with traditional media, such as television and radio.

Q: How do you know it is a valid workers compensation lead?
Regarding validity of the lead, the claimant is required to provide answers to inquiries pursuant to the questions asked by the agent. Generally, those include the following:

  1. Name
  2. Contact information (phone, email, physical address)
  3. Type of Injury
  4. Did person seek medical attention – must be yes.
  5. Not hired legal representation – must be no.
  6. What state did the injury occur – must be a qualified state.
  7. What was the date of the injury – must be within last 12 months (24 months in some cases).
  8. Was a report filed about the injury with the employer – must be yes.
  9. Do you work for the federal government – must be no.
  10. Does the company you work for have 4 or more employees – must be yes, and this question may be omitted if prospective claimants states they are employed at a large company, such as Wal-Mart or Costco.

For catastrophic workers compensation injuries, we obtain the following data.

  1. Was there a death, loss of limb, or emergency room stay – here, we are not taking mental health issues or soft tissue claims, and there must be a serious or catastrophic injury while on the job.
  2. Did the injury cause you to miss 90 days of work or more – must be yes.
Q: Are attorney workers comp leads exclusive?
Yes, we provide exclusive leads only and our injury leads are never shared, unlike other attorney lead generation companies.Although we highly recommend contacting claimants as quickly as possible. Please understand that the standard recommended follow-up reply is 5 minutes for any industry, and that remains for the legal arena. Significantly, we suggest contacting case leads as soon as possible, and also recommend utilizing an email autoresponder service.

All companies utilizing a website to communicate with prospective clients should consider companies such as Campaigner who can provide third-party integrations and application program interfaces (APIs) that allow you to simultaneously respond to attorney leads.

Q: Do you offer geographic exclusivity?
The only geographic type of exclusivity we may provide is for our attorney seo and website optimization campaigns. These are high-impact search engine optimization programs geared at increasing website page position rankings. The reason is we cannot represent multiple law firms competing in closely geo-targeted keywords, as properly serving multiple firms here would require many of the same services, similar customization, and eventually one firm would succeed at the expense of another.
Q: How do you generate your live transfer workers legal leads?
We partner with firms that we have established relationships. Many of our partners and affiliates are qualified and experienced publishers and advertisers who have generated thousands of leads within the legal field, as well as finance, travel, mortgage, and other industries. The platforms are typically online (landing pages) and television/radio (commercials). We do not participate in co-registration, survey-driven lead generation methods, or other type of non-targeted means to generate legal leads.
Q: Do 3rd party legal leads comply with attorney ethics guidelines?
Very good question. Lead generation methods have existed for years, and firms that have engaged in legal lead generation have opened the doors by dealing with many of the initial challenges. We comply with various state rules on attorney advertisements, and do not offer a referral program with geographic exclusivity, pay for performance, or recommend certain attorneys to prospects seeking legal advice. Our legal and ethical method is considered a “group model” that provides connections to those seeking representation within the entire group in a random-type manner. We comply with ABA model Rule 7.1 by not being misleading; we comply with ABA Model Rule 7.2 by not recommending or endorsing any specific lawyer. We do not split fees with attorneys for the leads we provide on a pay-per-lead only basis. Please see our Bar Compliance section in our About Us page.
Q: When will I start receiving my auto accident leads?
Leads typically arrive within 3 days after funds have cleared. After receiving all of your information, such as lead type, where and how to send the leads, and any other custom filters, we will setup your account.



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