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Personal Injury Leads


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Personal Injury Leads and Personal Injury Lead Generation

On Point Legal Leads has been generating quality personal injury leads for attorneys since 2016.

Our most popular service is auto accident leads, which involve prospective claimants who have been hurt in a motor vehicle accident (car, truck, or motorcycle) and are looking for legal assistance.

These accident injury leads can be sent to your firm through (1) your designated phone number after being screened by a live agent, or (2) through email when the prospective claimant fills out relevant information after being driven to a landing page.

Further, these leads can be screened to indicate at-fault status, current attorney representation, statute of limitations, and other factors.

All leads are unique to your firm and originate from search, text, and display ads on GoogleYahoo!, and Bing.  These are widely considered to be the best performing platforms for personal injury lead generation since visitors submit their accident injury information on secure landing pages.

Other popular areas of personal injury lead generation include workers compensation, general personal injury, and mass tort leads.

Personal Injury Leads and Personal Injury Lead Generation​. An Agent intake giving a presentation on personal injury leads to the client

Looking for Personal Injury Leads for Sale from Quality Personal Injury Lead Generation Companies?

Truck accident scene, worried people. Intake agent ready to assist, personal injury leads and personal injury lead generation.

If you’re an attorney looking for quality personal injury generation companies . . . congratulations, you found one!

We have quality personal injury leads for sale for multiple claim types, including auto accident, workers compensation, and slip and fall leads.

Most of these prospective claimant inquiries include accident injury victims who have completed online forms following the neglect and misconduct of another.

We also offer agent screened and IVR screened live transfer services designed improve contact rates and retention rates.

Let us help your accident injury law firm increase your intake in prospective claimants.

Got questions?  Well, we’ve got answers to your most common accident injury lead generation questions here.

If you are a plaintiff’s attorney seeking quality personal injury leads for sale from a quality personal injury lead generation company, contact us today.

Types of Personal Injury Leads

Car Accident Leads

Boating Accident Leads

Motorcycle Accident Leads

Dog Bite Leads

Slip and Fall/Premises Leads

Wrongful Death Leads

Intentional Tort Leads

Negligence Leads

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Personal Injury Auto Accident Leads for Attorneys

Car wrecks are the #1 most common injury claim type.  Hence, auto accident leads are our most popular service.

Generally, these claim types provide consistent and predictable business.  This is because there are accidents and corresponding claims every day.

Plus, automobile accidents may cause serious health complications, which can lead to higher settlements amounts and claim awards.

Prospective claimants have been screened to meet the following criteria:

  • Received a personal injury in an auto accident, truck accident, or motorcycle accident;
  • The accident-injury occurred within the statutory limitations period;
  • Are seeking legal assistance from an attorney;
  • Have not hired an attorney;
  • Are not at-fault.

For more information about personal injury auto accident leads, please visit our car accident leads page or FAQ’s page on the topic.

We also offer live transfer auto accident leads.

Smiling call center agent holding documents, personal injury lead generation for attorneys (auto accidents).

Personal Injury Boating Accident Leads for Attorneys

Damaged boat after accident, lawyer reviewing paperwork (Personal Injury Boating Accident Leads for Attorneys​).

Boating accidents are more popular in cities and states that have lots of lakes or coastal areas.

As reported by the U.S. Coast Guard, in 2014, there were 4,064 accidents that involved 610 deaths and 2,678 injuries.  Additionally, these accidents caused approximately $39 million in property damage in the U.S.

The majority of these accidents occur when the operator lacks experience or fails to pay attention. Notably, alcohol often plays a role.

Another factor is the speed and control of the boat, and most boating accidents occur while the boat is in cruise control.

If you are interested in personal injury boating accident leads, contact us today.

Personal Injury Motorcycle Leads for Sale

Motorcycle accidents are a different animal compared to car wrecks and tractor trailer crashes. 

Specifically, there are different types of injuries in a motorcycle wreck.

The most common is mild to severe head injury.

Many personal injury attorneys specialize in motorcycle accidents because of the different analysis required.

If you are interested in personal injury motorcycle leads for sale, please contact us today.

Motorcycle rider on scenic road, text "Accident?", personal injury lead generation for attorneys (motorcycle accidents).

Personal Injury Dog Bite Leads Generation

Personal Injury Dog Bite Leads Generation​

There are many legal theories and case law surrounding dangerous dog bite cases.

The two most popular legal theories lawyers pursue for dog bite cases are (1) strict liability and (2) dangerous or hazardous propensity.

Strict liability simply means that certain dog breeds are deemed per se dangerous. Thus, fault lies with the owner regardless of any negligence in caring and handling the dog.

Pit bulls are often on the list of per se dangerous dogs within states that have adopted this type of legal claim.

On the other hand, states impose liability on owners who know or have reason to know that the dog is dangerous.The same breeds that other states consider per se dangerous often are included, but if a dog owner witnesses their animal bite or attack another individual or animal, he or she will be on notice of the dangerous propensity attached to the dog.

If your law firm is interested in personal injury dog bite lead generation, contact us today to see how we can help increase your intake.

Personal Injury Slip and Fall Leads Generation

Slip-and-fall and premises liability often are considered the same claims.

When the owner of a property acts negligently towards customers due to poor upkeep, repair, and standard maintenance causing unreasonable danger, liability can arise. Notably, these claims implicate both commercial and residential owners.

Merchants have a duty to keep their premises in a safe condition or they may be liable. Damages typically involve medical expenses, lost wages, and physical pain and suffering.

Naturally, the laws for these injury types are typically state-focused, but some premises liability within federal laws can come into play. Homeowners have a duty to warn of hazards to their guests, and commercial enterprises have an obligation to warn of dangerous conditions at the work site.

If you’re an attorney interested in personal injury slip and fall lead generation, Please contact us today.

Person slipping on wet floor, lawyer consulting with client (slip and fall injury claim). Personal Injury Slip and Fall Leads Generation for Personal Injury Accident Leads

Personal Injury Wrongful Death Leads Generation

Scales of justice draped in black, Personal Injury Wrongful Death Leads Generation.

Wrongful death cases is the civil law’s version of manslaughter.

Family members who have died due to another person or entity may be plaintiff.

Typical case types that generate wrongful death case include car accidents, medical malpractice, and defective products.

Claimants may pursue compensation for lost companionship (also called loss of consortium), lost wages, and funeral costs.

Most states limit who has standing in a wrongful death case, which typically only includes the spouse, children, and parents of the victim.

In the event these relatives do not pursue a claim, the administrator or executor of the deceased estates file the law suit.

If your law firm is interested in personal injury wrongful death lead generation, please contact us today.

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Personal Injury Intentional Tort Leads

When a person commits an “intentional tort” they have deliberately caused harm to another.

Notably, an individual who assaults another may be both criminally liable as well as civilly liable.

Some of the more common intentional torts arise from battery, assault, false imprisonment, intentional infliction of emotional distress, fraud, defamation, invasion of privacy, trespass, and conversion.

If you are interested in personal injury intentional tort leads, Please contact us today.

Personal Injury Intentional Tort Leads - Connecting law firms with clients facing intentional harm.

General Personal Injury Negligence Leads

Personal Injury Leads - General Personal Injury Negligence Leads

Negligence is among the most common types of personal injury that lawyers pursue.

Negligence is demonstrated by proving four elements, including that a duty existed to do or refrain from doing something, that duty was breached, and the breach caused the harm.

The layman translation is that a person or entity acted carelessly, and the carelessness resulted in injury.

The two most common methods of defending a negligence claim is by disproving one of the four elements (duty, breach, causation, harm), or by demonstrating that the plaintiff was contributorily or comparatively at fault.

States that still allow contributory negligence as a defense entail a complete bar for the plaintiff’s claim, while comparative negligence states allow the claim as long as the plaintiff was less than 51% or less than 50% responsible.

If you are interested in general personal injury negligence leads, Please contact us today.

Other Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Personal Injury Leads

Great question.

Prospective claimants are driven to landing pages typically from search engines. These people input their personal contact information (including name, phone, email, city, state, and zip code), as well as whether they were at fault, date of incident, status of legal representation, and other detailed information.

Once they click the “submit” button, which is above the terms of service and disclaimer information, their information is sent to you within a fraction of a second.

We can also provide live transfer calls.

You may track and manage your leads through our state-of-the-art lead distribution and automated marketing portal that is designed to increase contact and retention rates.

A live transfer lead occurs when a prospective claimant is transferred to your law firm by a call center agent or IVR system to your designated phone number.

We have three live transfer programs:

  • Agent screened live transfers with buffer
  • Agent screened live transfers without buffer
  • IVR screened live transfers with buffer

Below this section is more detail on these personal injury lead generation types.


Our business model is successful because we do not share leads. This means you are not competing with other law firms the moment the prospective claimant submits their information.

We cannot guarantee the prospect has not submitted their data to another attorney, however. Often, a person will submit their data to a law firm’s website and not receive a response. Subsequently, they may submit other forms with the intent of getting a quicker response.

Hence, although auto accident injury leads are exclusive, we encourage attorneys respond to all leads within 5 minutes or less.

We can even provide highly competitive and experienced call center services that has proven to increase contact and retention rates. This is the preferred method of some of the most successful personal injury law firms.

You bet.

Naturally, live transfer calls occur on a real-time basis.

As for auto accident leads submitted through landing pages, those get posted immediately to our lead distribution platform, which is when you will be sent a notification via email and/or SMS text message.

The data from these types of legal leads will be delivered via email and/or cell phone via SMS text message, unless they are transferred to your phone.

We deliver prospective claimant who have submitted their data online within a fraction of a second.

Significantly, we display the time your law firm opens these notifications. This assists in tracking response times so your staff may manage and improve contact and retention rates.

First, our agreements are based upon quantity. We do not have term-length agreements that require monthly or annual commitments.

Second, we have qualifications that greatly help ensure quality of leads. For example, standard valid auto accident leads require the prospect suffer a physical injury from a motor vehicle accident within the statute of limitations and not have hired an attorney.

Indeed, we do!

Automated marketing is becoming a must in the lead generation business.

If you intend on competing with other law firms, then you will want to take advantage of our proprietary automated marketing portal.

Here’s how it works:

#1: Our portal sends an automated and customized email message from your firm to the prospective claimant immediately after they click the Submit button on the landing page. These are professional emails branded with your firm’s logo, contact info, images, awards, map, and links from your firm.

#2: we send an automated custom text message from your firm as well that also includes your link and phone number. Studies have sown 95% of texts will be read within 3 minutes of being sent, with the average response time for a text being only 90 seconds.

#3: we initiate an automated email drip campaign by sending 4 more follow up emails from our built-in email marketing software. This streamlines your intake process and relieves some burden from your staff.

For any other questions, please contact us or visit our Personal Injury Leads FAQs page.

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