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Even though the Internet Age is in full swing, broadcast media can still provide tremendous results for attorneys interested in personal injury leads. This article discusses some of the important questions to consider when pursuing television to increase your intake.

Below are some questions attorneys should consider.

  1. What is Your Objective for Personal Injury Lead Generation?

Defining your objective is important because it will allow you to properly structure your commercial.

If you’re reading this, likely your goal is to increase your intake of cases through personal injury lead generation. In other words, your goal is to engage in direct response advertising.

Perhaps a secondary goal may include branding. Branding is the process of instilling an idea or experience a person feels or thinks when he or she observes a company’s name, logo, product, or service.

brands that sellEach brand has its own identity. So, if you’re an accident injury attorney, perhaps you want people to associate your firm with the words “experienced, reliable, and aggressive.” 

There typically is some degree of branding with every type of advertising.  But when engaging in personal injury lead generation through broadcast media, you likely want to get a faster return on your advertising dollars.

Hence, getting case inquiries from prospective accident injury claimants ranks at the top of your list of objectives.

Regardless, understanding the objective will allow you to do a better job at the next step.

Ultimately, you want consumers to reach out to you if they are interested in legal representation. So, as it relates to television and radio media as a personal injury attorney, you’re looking for people to pick up the phone after an auto accident and employ you to obtain a favorable settlement against their insurance company.

But don’t forget to include your website or social media page, since many people prefer to submit their information first. We are in the digital age, after all.

Nonetheless, achieving a direct response via a live call or online submission requires capturing viewers’ attention and getting them to act. 

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  1. What is the Structure of Your Personal Injury Attorney Leads Advertisement?  

This step could be combined with the first. So, it worthwhile to cover this.

Understanding the objective of your advertisement is crucial to its structure. Let’s consider the premise that your personal injury leads advertisement is based upon generating accident claimants as well as branding. If so, you’ll want to incorporate the different ways your firm can be contacted. That includes your website or landing page, social media sites, phone number, and possibly email.

The more memorable the better. And the idea or experience that makes your ad memorable includes some degree of branding.

This is standard, and don’t forget the call to action

what is call to action

According to HubSpot, the definition of a call to action includes the part of an advertisement that entices a person to engage in an act, such as contacting the advertiser.

You may consider the idea that your law firm is “reliable, experienced, and aggressive” because it could be a core attribute prospective claimants are looking for in a personal injury attorney. Including these attributes above the call to action may be a persuasive factor that motivates accident victims respond to an attorney’s advertisement.

Attorneys who spend time researching, writing, and litigating should appreciate this concept, as those activities involve structuring arguments to persuade a judge or jury. The same concept applies when persuading a claimant to respond to your ad.

And, when dealing with personal injury lead generation, begin with short sentences, put strong arguments at the start and end, include memorable terms of art or key phrases, and provide analogies and client success stories.

Remember, you only have a matter of seconds from the time your broadcast begins because the attention span of viewers fades.

Ultimately, the success your advertisement largely depends upon knowing when to add components like credibility, testimonials, and your call to action.

Keep in mind that this should be achieved with brevity, just like a closing statement.

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  1. Can You Write a Great Script Like Third-Party Advertisers Offering Personal Injury Leads for Sale?

Seasoned marketers offering personal injury leads for sale understand the benefits to a great script.

Great scripts include words and images that grab viewers attention will generate credibility and integrity. And, it will motivate a call to action by combining all the factors mentioned earlier in this article . . . in about 15 to 30 seconds.

Again, think about the objective and structure of your advertisement. Once you clear this hurdle you can add other aspects to generate a great script. And great scripts weave your personality, humor, sense of empathy and understanding, and overall message.

Here are some tips to consider:

Tell a story: If you’ve argued an automobile accident injury case in front of a jury, then surely you understand that your arguments revolve around getting the evidence tell the story. According to one article, one of the most important tasks when developing your lawyer commercial is to create the story line. In fact, many legal marketing companies agree. Great litigators don’t simply marshal the evidence piece-by-piece lacking structure and purpose. Rather, they connect to the jury by relating to them with emotion first, then pragmatic reasoning second. For example, I once drafted an “impressive” and “brilliant” closing argument (as stated by the presiding judge) that helped achieve a 7-figure plaintiff’s award. Early in the argument, the focus involved pulling the heart strings of the jury, then justifying their emotions with logical reasoning. Significantly, each phase of the argument was based upon the evidence, and was told to the jury as if the evidence was speaking. I believe that partly because of this layout and story-telling approach, in less than 2.5 hours a favorable plaintiff’s verdict arrived. If you can get past my shameless plug, you may agree that story-telling with an emotional impact followed by logical reasoning can generate positive results. The same goes to a media campaign. But likely, you’ll need more than that . . . so keep reading.

* Your Legal Marketing Must Address Your Target Audience: The message you send has to be customized to your market or audience to generate the strongest response. This also could be an opportunity to be creative. For starters, find commonalities of residents within the geotargeted market. If you’re advertising in Texas, then you know it’s license plates have the tagline referring to the Lone Star State. Also, its residents are proud of their sister slogan “Don’t Mess With Texas.” Let’s face it, you can’t seem go in public in Texas without seeing someone wearing the slogan or drive around an viewing it on a billboard. Now, if you’re on a specific city, such as Dallas, you might think of “Big D.” Also, insert something about your law firm to compete a message that your audience can relate. How about, “There’s three things people have learned over the years: You don’t mess with Texas. You don’t mess with Big D. And, you definitely don’t mess with the Law Offices of [insert your law firm name.” Although that specific example likely wouldn’t fly because of infringement issues, the idea is to link common themes that resonate within the geo-targeted culture with your firm’s name and tagline. Then, you’ll need to add your call to action, which is next.

* Always Include a Call-To-Action: This aspect is all about conversions. The concept was discussed earlier in this article, so no need to rehash it in detail. Whatever your goal is when driving visitors to your landing page, you’ll need to get them to act.  That act likely is to discuss a potential claim, get answers to questions about a personal injury, and obtain legal representation. Just don’t forget that you are selling your legal services, so you’ll need to answer the prospect’s questions, instill credibility, generate rapport, and get them to sign your retainer agreement.

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The Bottom Line: Broadcast Media Used By Personal Injury Lead Generation Companies Can Increase Your Intake

If you’re a law firm interested in generating in-house case inquiries like seasoned personal injury lead generation companies, there are several different platforms and marketing channels to consider. Broadcast media is one of them.

If you’re new to the game, you’ll want to determine your goals before you take the first step.

Likely, you may start with digital advertising because it can be less expensive at the outset. After you’ve gotten your feet wet and developed an intake team and process, jumping into the broadcast media pool may make more sense. But each firm is different.

There are many profitable ways a law firm can generate personal injury leads. Starting with online advertising that drives prospective claimants to landing pages is a logical start, followed by more capital intensive television and radio ads.


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